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 Help File - About Banner Ads and Banner Advertising Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Banner ad the same as a classified ad?
No, they are not the same thing. A classified ad is posted 1 state and 1 subcategory. A banner ad is a graphic ad which you submit to us, and we place it in random rotation with the other banner ads on the free ad pages, free user profiles, free storefronts, and many other pages of our website. When you purchase banner ad impressions, you are in effect "sponsoring" the free ads. It allows for an extremely easy, fast, low-cost way to advertise on other peoples' free ads.

What is a banner ad?
A jpg or gif file which is an advertisement for your website. When a visitor clicks on your banner ad, they are taken to your website.

How much does a banner ad cost?
Click Here to see our current Banner Advertising Rates.

Where will my banner ad be displayed?
On 50StatesClassifieds.com, click on any free classified ad, member profile, or member store. In addition, banners are randomly rotated on the front page, category and subcateory pages, and more. In the TheSEOciety.com network, where your banner ads will also be displayed, the banner ads are sometimes on the sidebars, as well as the individual posts and pages. All banner ad sizes are randomly used across all sites that participate in the banner advertising network.

What if I don't have a banner ad?
We can design you a banner ad in any size that you require! Just go to our banner advertising purchase page to purchase custom banner ad graphic design services.

If I hire you to design my banner ad, can I use it on other websites too?
Yes. You can use the banner we design for you on any website, as long as they allow banner ads of that particular size. A 468x60 pixel banner ad is the standard size for banner ads on most websites. Other websites offer different sizes depending on what works best with their website layout. We can design any size banner that you need, and it can be used on any website you wish. Just tell us how many pixels high by how many pixels wide you need the graphic to be!

How many people will see my banner ad?
At any given time, there are usually between 10-25 people who have purchased banner advertising. All ads in the banner pool are loaded randomly whenever a page is loaded. There are an average of 120,000 page views to our website each month.

How long will my banner ad run on your website?
It is impossible to predict, because the number of visitors to our site varies daily, and the banners rotate randomly with other advertisers' banner ads. But on average, we would estimate that 1000 banner impressions will *probably* last for 3-4 days.

Why do the banners change every time I load a page?
Each banner ad is randomly rotated until it has received the number of impressions purchased. In other words, if you purchase 1000 banner ad impressions, then it will be displayed randomly across our network until it has been seen 1000 times. If a visitor looks at 10 ads in one visit, they will most likely see a different banner ad each time, depending on how many other ads there are to display.


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