Veterans Day Cake

Let’s honor veterans this year with a cake dedicated to the military men and women who served our country. Using an 8 inch round cake pre-iced in buttercream with an easy icer and combing the side. I used a small scraper to make a guide straight line. A cookie cutter is used to make star outlines. The points of the stars are put on the line to keep them in a straight row. Gold colored buttercream is filled in a disposable bag with a coupler and writer tip #20. Each star is filled in with the icing. The bottom shell border is made by using navy blue colored icing in a parchment bag with no coupler and a #20 border tip. A small spatula was used to make marks on the top of the cake as a guide. First half, then quartering and then lastly it was marked into thirds. To make the draping in red buttercream, I used a rose #103 in a parchment bag with no coupler. The red icing was squeezed out of the bag, making a ruffle with the narrow end of the tip down. While draping it down the side of the cake, I moved the bag in a up and down motion to create a nice ruffle. To print U S A on the stars, I filled three small parchment pastry bags. Each bag contained a different color, one red, one white, and one navy blue. The tip of each bag was cut to the desired opening. I then wrote one letter on each star U in red, S in white, and A in blue. Using the blue writer, I wanted to write Remembering Our Veterans. With olive green icing in a small bag I made an olive branch and cut the tip into a paper leaf tip to make tiny leaves. Toni

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