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Veterans Day Cake

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Let's honor veterans this year with a cake dedicated to the military men and women who served our country. Using an 8 inch round cake pre-iced in buttercream with an easy icer and combing the side. I used a small scraper to make a guide straight line. A cookie cutter is used to make star outlines. The points of the stars are put on the line to keep them in a straight row. Gold colored buttercream is filled in a disposable bag with a coupler and writer tip #20. Each star is filled in with the icing. The bottom shell border is made by using navy blue colored icing in a parchment bag with no coupler and a #20 border tip. A small spatula was used to make marks on the top of the cake as a guide. First half, then quartering and then lastly it was marked into thirds. To make the draping in red buttercream, I used a rose #103 in a parchment bag with no coupler. The red icing was squeezed out of the bag, making a ruffle with the narrow end of the tip down. While draping it down the side of the cake, I moved the bag in a up and down motion to create a nice ruffle. To print U S A on the stars, I filled three small parchment pastry bags. Each bag contained a different color, one red, one white, and one navy blue. The tip of each bag was cut to the desired opening. I then wrote one letter on each star U in red, S in white, and A in blue. Using the blue writer, I wanted to write Remembering Our Veterans. With olive green icing in a small bag I made an olive branch and cut the tip into a paper leaf tip to make tiny leaves. Toni

November 9, 2013  Tags: 8 inch round cake, buttercream, cake decorating supplies, decorating tips, decorative comb, decorative side borders, easy decorating tutorials, Frosting, holiday cakes, homemade, icing stars, Inspiration, parchment pastry bags, ruffle border, Seasonal, special occasion, Veterans Day Cake, Write  Posted in: Cake Decorating, Cake Decorating Tutorials, Cake Decorations, Cake Frosting, Cake Scrapers, Kitchen Gadgets, Pastry Bag