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Albert’s Birthday Cake with Buttercream Balloons

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This 4-layer raspberry filled 8 inch round cake was made to celebrate a special birthday. (see "Raspberry preserves filling in an 8 inch round cake by Toni" video) The cake was iced using old fashion white buttercream. The top and bottom borders were made by adding blue food coloring to about 1 cup of buttercream. I used a #20 border tip in a parchment pastry bag to make those borders in blue. Red, green, and yellow food coloring were added to a smaller quantities of icing to create buttercream balloons (about 1/4 cup for each color of icing). Three #10 border tips were placed in separate parchment pastry bags and filled with the red, green, and yellow icing to make the balloons. A small parchment pastry bag was filled with about 1/8th cup of blue icing which left over from the border bag. The small blue buttercream parchment pastry bag was used to write "Happy Birthday Albert" on the cake. Strings and balloon light reflections were made by adding a small amount of buttercream icing to another small parchment pastry bag. Change the color of the buttercream balloons to match your color scheme of your special occasion! Pastel colored icing balloons are also great looking on a cake like this. Finish it with a touch of glitter or sprinkles to give it a little dazzle! Toni

April 18, 2013  Tags: 8 inch round cake, Albert, birthday, border tips, buttercream, buttercream balloons, CAKE, cake decorating tips, cakestoyoututorial.com, Creamy, DECORATING, filling, food coloring, homemade, Inch, Inspiration, parchment pastry bags, Pastry, Recipes, Round, special occasion  Posted in: Cake Baking, Cake Decorating, Cake Decorating Tutorials, Cake Decorations, Cake Frosting, Cake Pans, Mixers, Pastry Bag, Video Tutorials