Help Needed! Save the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act! Urgent!

Your Help Is Desperately Needed in Michigan!

Are you a Michigan Medical Marijuana patient or caregiver? If so, this is a matter of Life or Death for you or your patients! Perhaps you are the owner of a garden supply store or other business that would be affected if the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act was destroyed? Perhaps you are an activist for cannabis law reform, or have thought about becoming one in the future? Whoever you are, whatever your interest in the MMMA, we need your help on June 26th in Ann Arbor, Michigan to keep it intact!

The MMMA has been protecting Michigan patients since 2008, but in 2016, we are going to lose it to corporate greed if we don’t defend it!

Two different groups of rich out of state investors, the MRC and the MCC, are trying to abolish our Michigan Medical Marihuana Act and replace it with a lucrative moneymaking scheme where they will factory farm our medication using chemicals and pesticides, and then sell it to us for top dollar from a handful of dispensaries around the state.  We will no longer be able to grow or afford our own medication, or assign a trusted caregiver to grow it for us, nor will we be able to control what types of nutrients and chemicals are put into our medicine, if they succeed in taking our MMMA away from us. Gone will be the days of organic, homegrown, pesticide-free, affordable medication that we have come to expect as patients.  Instead, if we allow them to do this to us, we will be forced to accept a Big Pharmaceutical approach to our medication, and in the process it will become less safe and less attainable for the majority of patients who need it the most.

Without your help, corporate interests will destroy our MMMA.

Can you afford to pay big pharma prices for questionable quality medical cannabis that has been sprayed with pesticides and chemicals before being distributed at top dollar from a few inconveniently placed sites around the state?

Can you live without your medication, so that rich businessmen who don’t know or care about cannabis or about you, can profit off of the suffering of the most vulnerable in our community?

If your answer is no, then you can’t afford to ignore what is happening right now!

The REAL cannabis activists who have dedicated years of hard work (and tons of money, too) to cannabis law reform, are horrified to see these corporate vultures just swoop down to reap profits from all of our hard work and suffering.  Local grassroots activists everywhere have sacrificed so much to get these medical laws put into place around the country. Are we going to allow corporate bullies to show up at the last minute and stomp all over everything we have sacrificed to build, now that we have finally achieved some protections under the law?!

Contact Chuck Ream at or Nick Zettell at for more information about the message below:

Please, read this extremely important message from the folks at

*Please* get this information about the June 26 fundraiser out far and wide, especially to those who would be seriously hurt – either as a patient, caregiver, or businessperson – if the MMMA was abolished and the home grow was ended.

The existence of an independent, decentralized cannabis community in Michigan is on the line – up for grabs in the election of November of 2016. We have to show strength now. If there is any way you can do it – PLEASE BE THERE!



The November 2016 election will determine how cannabis will be regulated in Michigan!  We may:

1)     Triumph with the MILegalize initiative, or

2)     Fight to a draw and maintain the status quo, or

3)      Be wiped out by big money.

We have reserved a beautiful banquet hall. We know we have to raise more than $50,000 on June 26 or the authentic Michigan cannabis community will be floating belly up and powerless. Wealthy monopolists and canny political manipulators would then take our future into their hands. Then it would be too late. We need to fight hard now! When we sit down to dinner on June 26th we will know whether the independent cannabis law reform community in Michigan will have a voice about what happens in the future in our state, or be swept aside.

On June 26 there will be three levels of supporters, (and some donors may surprise us with even larger gifts). The gold level of giving for our fine evening of food and politics will be $500 per person or $750 per couple. We need lots of support at our platinum level, which is $1000 per person or $1400 per couple. $2500 buys the green level of support, for an individual, a couple, or a company (four people).
Speakers will include state representative Jeff Irwin, MILegalize Executive Director Jeff Hank, Michigan legislative lobbyist Robin Schneider – (and a stellar supporting cast to be announced). Don’t miss this historic event. If you don’t have money then raise contributions to buy your ticket. Thank you!

Why not shape the future by acting with political unity, resources, strength and skill?  Will we be capable of reacting to a clear threat to our existence? Will we put up the resources to implement a strategy to save ourselves? We have a good plan, and fine leaders, but we can’t influence the political process without big money – or significant money anyway.

The Director of national NORML, Allen St. Pierre, wrote, “these initiatives today are largely about defining who will ‘get rich’ in the legal cannabis market.… like with alcohol/tobacco laws, the ‘winners and losers’ are largely decided on a state basis and via the free market (which, in this country, can readily favor those with more capital and political influence).”

In other words, this is the moment of political combat in Michigan, when the structure of cannabis “legalization” and regulation will be decided!

Who plans to “legalize marijuana” in Michigan?

There are three groups; the first two are opportunists who know a lot about finance and nearly nothing about Cannabis.

The Michigan Responsibility Council (MRC) represents a group of wealthy Oakland County Republican investors who are trying to take control of all of the growing and extraction of marijuana for the Michigan retail market. The MRC plans to eliminate the MMMA and the home grow, and produce all the marijuana and marijuana extract that we need in Michigan at 10 sites owned by them. Their goals would destroy everything that our Michigan cannabis movement has built.

Another group has surfaced, called the Michigan Cannabis Coalition (MCC). They are another anonymous gang of Oakland County money men who have shown no previous interest in cannabis policy.

Last but not least, MI Legalize ( is a citizen based initiative that needs funding to ensure success.  This is the real deal.

The real Michigan cannabis law reform community has created an excellent plan for marijuana legalization in 2016! View our petition at!. Our initiative will allow a 12 plant home grow for “persons”, and “localities” may license dispensaries and marijuana production facilities. Edibles and concentrates are specifically legalized. has the best petition ever. In one initiative we legalize, tax, and regulate marijuana; extend the rights of those who have a doctor’s recommendation for medical use; and allow farmers to grow industrial hemp!

We need $1 million to be sure of getting on the ballot. More than 250,000 signatures have to be collected during the last months of 2015.

Cannabis policy in Michigan is far ahead of all surrounding states because we fought politically, strong and hard, and won again and again. This is the time to stay strong, united, and put up resources. As Ben Franklin said – now we will hang together or we will hang separately.

Be there Friday, June 26!! We need to be masters of our fate – not slaves to wealthy monopolists or political shenanigans. Please be there! (or send a donation). 150 seats are available – get your spot reserved! Contact  Chuck Ream at or Nick Zettell at