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This is the newsletter that I just sent out sitewide.  In case you missed it, or your spam filters ate it, here it is in its’ entirety.


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We have made a lot of updates to our website this year, and this month is no exception.  We are quite pleased with the new search features, as well as many other extras.  Now, we just want to make sure that you know about them too!

In order to ensure that your existing ads are getting the maximum amount of exposure  on our website using the new features, we ask you to do the following:

Log into your user account at  Then, on the right side of the screen in the Member Center, click on “Edit my ads and pictures”.

For each ad you have posted, click “Edit this ad” and make sure to include up to 5 keyword tags. To give a real life example of how to use these tags:  If you say that you are selling a bike, and someone searches for the word “bike”, they will find you.  However, you  have no idea whether a user will be searching for for the word “bike”, or if they may instead type in words like “bicycle”, “dirt bike”, “motor bike”, “trike”, “tricycle” “motorcycle” or any other variation.  So, your ad may say “bike for sale” but in the tags, you can also add those other variations, so that when people search for those words, they will still find you.

Another feature that you will want to check to make sure you’re utilizing is the city/state/zip search.  When you place an ad, you can enter a city/state/zip where your item or business is located, and if a user performs a local search for that city, state, or zip code, they will find you – the local search feature is an additional way for users to search, and does not limit where your ad will show up in other areas of our site.

When logged into your member center, you will find several other new options as well.  We encourage you to test them out!

We welcome user feedback, so if you have questions about the new features, or if you have suggestions about how we can make the site better in the future, we would love to hear from you.  Log into your account, and click “contact us” in the Member Center to talk to us!

Thank you for your time, and happy selling!

May peace, joy, and love be yours this holiday season, and throughout the coming year.

Best Regards,

Jessica, Owner,

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