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Jimmie Squares Made Using an Easy Icer!

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Jimmie squares are a delightful single serving of cake covered with buttercream icing and coated in sprinkles. Try to develop your own creation by choosing a flavor of cake combined with flavored icings and colorful sprinkles. To get started cut frozen un-iced cake into about 2" square pieces. Use a #200 easy icer tip inside of a disposable pastry bag, filled with buttercream and then ice two sides of the cake square. While the buttercream is still freshly applied roll it into colorful sprinkles and then repeat this step. The cake square is finished off by covering the top of the cake with one final dollop of icing and then sprinkled with "sprinkles". Bright rainbow colored sprinkles and white buttercream icing were used for this demonstration. The buttercream and sprinkles lock in the moisture and full rich flavors. This dessert can be made ahead of your event and stored frozen for about a month. You can use this same procedure to make peanut squares. Just substitute chopped unsalted roasted peanuts for the sprinkles. Chopped peanuts changes the flavor and the appearance of this dessert into another completely different tastey indulgence! Toni

April 26, 2013  Tags: Cakes, cakestoyoututorial.com, DECORATING, dessert, Frosting, homemade, Inspiration, jimmies, peanut squares, Rich, Sprinkles  Posted in: Cake Baking, Cake Decorating, Cake Decorations, Cake Frosting, Cake Ingredients, Cake Pans, Cake Recipes, Kitchen Gadgets, Mixers, Pastry Bag