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Jones Road Farms
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Jones Road Farms     Bookmark and Share

Jones Road Farms 

            We specialize in year-round rabbit production for pet stores and various local venders, but also welcome the public to buy direct from our farm for substantial savings. Our prices are very reasonable. Compare our prices to your local pet store prices and you will see how quickly a short drive in the country could add up to huge savings on your pet purchases alone !  We also sell small pet pens for your new pet, or purchase one of our complete "Pet Pen Systems" which are very reasonably priced. No matter what size "Pet Pen" you are looking for, we can custom build single Pens or entire "Pet Pen Systems" to your specifications in order to fulfill your needs. (Custom orders must be paid in advance...) For a "Free" consultation, please visit our farm during regular business hours...
                 Mon.- Sat.  9am - 6pm .  
Jones Road Farms...
                                     ... Naturally Grown Goodness... 
Spring Seedlings Available...
Red Leaf Peach
Wild Plum
All Seedlings Are $2.00 Each...   10 for $10.00 !!!  
Flowering Plants Available...
Rose of Sharon (White or Lavender)
March Bells
Peach Colored Glads (bulbs limited... priced by size)
One Gallon Sized Plants Are $3.00 Each... 5 For $10.00 !!!
Monkey Grass... One Gallon Container (Approx. 100 plants) $5.00
Jones Road Farms is very proud to be growing our vegetables with the traditions my Grandparents used ... Compost & Manure were the only fertilizers they even knew about,  and their vegetables were always the best tasting around ! Fresh Organic Vegetables available Late June through October...
This year's crop will consist of :
     Squash              (Yellow & Zucchini )
     Tomatoes          ( Burger Master & Jelly Bean )
     Green Beans    (Mountaineer & Topcrop )
     Sweet Corn      ( Gotta Have It & Silver Queen )
     Cucumbers      ( pickling & burpless )
     Peppers   ( hot & mild as well as Bell )
     Watermelons     ( Crimson Sweet & Desert King )
     Pumpkins     ( early October )
     Winter Squashes    ( Butternut, Acorn, Bon Bon )


Jones Road Farms

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