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Baby favors and gifts - Unique diaper cakes     Bookmark and Share

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Diaper cakes make perfect baby shower gifts and centerpieces. 
diaper cakes are made with diapers, clothing, towels, blankets,
washcloths, toys and other baby items which can actually be used by the
new parents for their new baby.

Today you can find 1000s of diaper cakes - each one offering its own style, each one a unique creation, but all have one thing in common they are round and layered.

We wanted to use the same concept but create something very different! The inspiration came from the everyday life, everything that surrounds us and our precious babies, like cars, motorcycles, baby carriages, airplanes, boats, trains, musical instruments, tricycle Diaper Cake etc...

We welcome special requests because they frequently provide a challenge and inspiration for new creations. You never have an obligation to buy. We do not charge you upfront for creating that one-of-a-kind gift you have in mind. We design it first and send you pictures, so you can be sure you get exactly what you want. So don't be shy! Ask us to use your choice of colors or make a gift that just seems impossible to do. Call 646-643-7563

We at BabyFavorsAndGifts.com are flattered that some of our easier designs are being copied by other diaper cake makers, after all emulating us is the best compliment our competitors can give us.

Baby favors and gifts - Unique diaper cakes

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