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Affordable Solar Power - Complete Systems From 300 Watts and Up
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Affordable Solar Power - Complete Systems From 300 Watts and Up     Bookmark and Share

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For many years, solar power has not been very cost effective. Equipment cost and installation cost made it out of reach for many people We now have systems that are not only lower in cost, but also higher in quality. Our solar modules carry a limited 25 year warranty on power output and an 8 year warranty on module construction. Our grid-tie power inverters are unique in that the modules are wired in parallel as opposed to series. That enables the system to continue putting out power, even if one of the modules fail. Not only that, these systems plug directly into one of your regular household outlets......with a standard plug!! You can not get any simpler than that. All you need is a basic understanding of electronics and the ability to mount your solar modules on the roof. A set of instructions are included to help you through your installation.

Our complete systems come with a Grid-Tie Power Inverter, an appropriate number of our SVP200 Watt Solar Modules, aluminum railing for rooftop installations and roof junction box.

Please visit our website-- www.solarvoltpower.net to see all of our systems and to place your order!

Affordable Solar Power - Complete Systems From 300 Watts and Up

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