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Twisted Willows Custom Wood Fabrication and Finishing
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Twisted Willows Custom Wood Fabrication and Finishing     Bookmark and Share

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Twisted Willows Custom Wood Fabrication and Finishing is a full service decorative wood product manufacturer.

We provide a wide range of products and services, including: rustic and designer hardwood flooring, tongue and groove paneling, reclaimed wood products, custom kitchen and bath cabinets, decorative mouldings, carved mantels, solid wood doors, railings and banisters, and so much more. 

No two projects are exactly alike because every project is made to our customers individual specifications.

We offer our products in over 120 different domestic and exotic wood species, in dozens of different profile and finishing choices. This creates an almost unlimited number of decor possibilities. 

Each and every one of our products is made to order using time honored practices combined with modern equipment and is inspected numerous times throughout the production process to insure quality. We believe in doing things the best way, not just the easiest or the fastest.

From the lumber selection right down to our lacquer based finishes, we guarantee our products for a lifetime of beauty and function.


We help make dream homes a reality.

Twisted Willows Custom Wood Fabrication and Finishing

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