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If you got here by clicking on a category, this means that the category is empty.

If you got here by using a search box, then perhaps your search terms were too narrow. Refine your search terms and try again. For example, if you searched for "1997 toyota, blue" then this time, search for "toyota" in the state of your choice.

Or, if you do want to use more complex search criteria, feel free to use the Advanced Search, in order to choose a different search method or see other advanced search options.

Do you have something to sell? You could always register for a free user account and be the first person to post a free MN Want Ads classified ad! Free ad-supported Local MN Want Ads Ads may be posted for up to 1 year in any 1 state and 1 category.

We offer the ability to add a PayPal "Buy it Now" button to each MN Want Ads ad you place. This allows you to have an instant PayPal "Buy it Now" shopping cart button to allow customers to quickly and easily purchase your items directly from you via your free MN Want Ads classified ad!

We also offer many affordable upgrades to make your listings stand out on local pages, search pages, and more. All proceeds for these upgrades are used to help offset the cost of our dedicated web hosting, domain names, bandwidth, and other related costs. Help make our site great by upgrading your free MN Want Ads classified ad today!

If your items or services are available nationwide, consider upgrading to a Front Page Featured Text Ad. A great long term SEO tool, this affordable upgade will make your ad randomly rotate on the front page of 50StatesClassifieds.com until you delete your ad, or until it expires, whichever comes first.

You may also purchase the Picture Gallery Upgrade for an ad to show off your fabulous looking picture. Nothing gets people's attention like a great looking picture!

We also offer MN Want Ads Category & Search Featured Ads, for users who would like to feature their products or services above their competitors. This upgrade will make your ad stand out in 1 state and 1 local category of your choice. These ads are displayed above all free ads on the category page.

We also offer Bold and Highlighted listing upgrades to make your ad stand out on: the front page of 50StatesClassifieds.com, and on category pages, search results pages, and in featured listings. Our upgrades are very affordably priced, and purchasing upgrades helps to offset the cost of our dedicated web hosting, picture hosting, bandwidth, and related overhead. We can create a custom advertising package for you based on your specific needs. Register for an account and place a free ad, look at the member center and the options, and if you think that our site might be a fit for your advertising needs, contact us for more information or to set up a custom advertising package!

The price of a MN Want Ads featured classified ad on our website is just a tiny fraction of the cost of a short black and white classified ad in printed MN newspapers, MN magazines, and other MN publications. The difference? On our website, your ads can be posted for up to 3 years, online, where they will be indexed by search engines, included in our RSS feeds, and maybe even syndicated to other sites, such as to our facebook page, and other social networking profiles. A print newspaper only lets you print your ad once - when the newspaper is thrown away in a day or two, your ad is gone, forever. Not to mention how bad for the environment it is to keep on cutting down trees and using toxic inks that leech into the soil in landfills, contaminating local groundwater and creating more waste.

In the USA, a huge number of people already have computers anyways - why not just make the switch from printed newspaper classifieds to online newspaper classifieds, and do your part to eliminate unnecessary paper waste in our landfills! You already have a computer anyways. Worried about reaching your target audience? Even non-computer users often go online at school, work, internet cafes, and other places these days. There are very few people in our country who don't use Google and other search engines once in awhile to search for things they want to buy online. Take a chance with online advertising as an economical and environmentally friendly alternative to print news paper classified advertising services.

Another advantage is that, unlike printed MN newspaper classified ads, our online classified ads are self-serve, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even on holidays and weekends. Even at 4am. You can log in and post a free classified ad, edit or delete your existing ads, upload color pictures, and more, any time! Do it whenever it's most convenient for you!

Our free MN newspaper classifieds are indexed by all of the major search engines, as well as thousands of minor search engines, and can easily be seen online by people who don't subscribe to traditional daily or weekly print newspapers in MN. No one will ever throw your ad away with the newspaper when you post it online at 50StatesClassifieds.com!

Our Local MN Want Ads Business Directory is a great alternative for small businesses who don't want to spend a lot on a website, and who want to get right to the point of selling their products and services online. Purchase a domain name from Green Web Design , who is also the creator of this free classifieds website. Forward your domain to your online store page or your member profile to create an instant DIY website for a tiny fraction of the cost of a standalone website! This is perfect for those who are just starting out, or who want to work on their own listings without the need of a web designer, web hosting, SSL certificate, merchant account, and other requirements involved in setting up a secure eCommerce shopping cart website.


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